We took a team of nine to Togo, West Africa, 9/13-23 with 70 commitments of faith to Christ, 160 trained, 550 Bibles, 500 Gospel tracts and 300 Gospel coins distributed, preached at 10 church services, and we traveled 27,246 miles! Over 500 heard the Gospel message in one-on-one witnessing encounters. We also gave out 90 water filters to needy families.

We go to South Sudan and Uganda with a team of nine 10/31-11/12. We will evangelize, train, distribute Bibles, Gospel tracts and coins, and copies of High Calling. We will train in three locations and do personal evangelism wherever we travel. The six preachers on the team will go to various churches on the Sunday we are in South Sudan. We go expectant into the Gospel harvest. 

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