The rough road stretched for hours and miles
to the destination we came to know as Kakamega.
Streets were jammed with teeming multitudes,
with their wares, food concessions, and school children.
This will be home for a few days as we love this city
both in Christian witness and leadership training.
We are immediately loved by the people and embraced
by all we see and speak to in the thoroughfares.
This is not Nairobi—you can feel the wind as if it were
from another world with a real hunger for this ministry.
The people long for encouragement, a strong embrace,
a greeting from the heart, and a word to lift the soul.
Before we depart, invitations flood at high tide
to return to teach and evangelize again—to help!
This is Kakamega, where the Christian leaders
from a chorus of churches plea for partnerships of faith.
It is the cry that is hard to deny where needs
fill the dusty land for the orphans and struggling churches.
The Gospel is here, evident everywhere in far western Kenya,
yet the cry is to know, to learn, to live out the Bible message.