1. Pray for Saturation Evangelism work in three efforts each summer in western North Carolina called: Missions in the ‘Boro, Reach Rutherford County and Sonshine Missions, as over forty churches work together to reach their communities.
  2. Lift up the work of Sandy Run Baptist Association based in Bostic, NC, as we work and pray to revitalize churches that have fallen flat and struggle to survive. Pray for them to have true shepherds with a heart for souls in the community and a faithfulness to preach and teach the Word of God to disciple people in the Christian faith.
  3. Intercede as the Association and Way of Grace endeavor to forge four missionary partnerships in the most needy places on the earth where the Gospel is not known and where unreached people groups do not understand the saving grace of Jesus and the hope of eternal salvation.
  4. Pray for an increase in going and giving so that souls can be won, disciples can be made, churches can be planted, people can get their own copy of the Bible, Christian leaders can be trained and Buddhist, Muslim, Hindus, animistic and atheistic peoples can come to know regeneration and repentance.
  5. Ask the Lord to revive and awaken our land here in America, first through the churches, then in civil circles, in our    schools and market places. Pray that the Lord will do a work that no one can deny so that Americans will once again fear the Lord, tremble at His Word and keep the Lord’s Day for worship.
  6. Pray for executive officers, judges, legislators in national, state, and municipal levels, local school boards, media and social media outlets, military and law enforcement, and medical personnel and authorities, that they    may respect personal liberties, moral laws, the nuclear family (as God defined it) and the value of all of life.
  7. Intercede for Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, Iran, Israel, North Korea and South Korea, that their national sovereignty be protected, that evil aggressors be checked, that civilian and military lives be safeguarded, that the Gospel would have freedom in these hard places. 
  8. Lift up your own family to be salt and light for the Gospel of Christ in the workplace, school, church, among the nations, that we would make much of the name and fame of Jesus, the name above all names, that His glory may shine in our families generation-by-generation, raising up godly seed that live in line with the truth of the Bible.